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World Without Men Charles Eric Maine

World Without Men

Charles Eric Maine

Published 1963
Mass Market Paperback
158 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I picked up this title as I was perusing the shelves at a locally-owned bookstore and purchased it based only on its intriguing description and the fact that Ill buy just about anything at a locally-owned bookstore to support those fine and endangered institutions.The summary is a pretty simple one and one that about half the population isnt especially comfortable with. All the dudes are gone. Society has turned into the ultimate matriarchy. All is well and good though, theyve figured out how to get by without us. Until one day scientists create a dude and 500 of monosexual culture it turned on its proverbial ear.To the positive side, this is one of those brilliant science fiction novels of the 50s-60s-70s that not only entertains you but has a deep and vibrant kernel of sociological truth to it. This isnt just a feast of Lesbian eroticism (which it most definitely is) but its also a broad and well thought out tale of how societies and governments deal with and relate to change. Its one of those books that always makes me whip out the standard mantra of this is what science fiction was meant to be! It makes you think about yourself and about everyone you know in new ways.To the negative, and this is not so much a negative as it is an advisory to potential readers, the book loves its terminology. Youre advised to look up the first ten words you dont know (unless you know the definition of cytology and parthenogenetic off the top of your head) and commit them to memory because youll be seeing them again and again and again. The book is an education but be prepared to either gloss over things or infer by context because this isnt the soft vocabulary fiction youre used to.In summary, this book is exactly as old as I am and its worth a read. It does tend at times to be rather graphic sexually so its not one for the kiddies but it has a lot of deep things to say about humanity. Im sad that Ive lived my entire life along side it without having any awareness of its existence.