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Passion In The Peak (Simon Kenworthy 14) (Bello) John Buxton Hilton

Passion In The Peak (Simon Kenworthy 14) (Bello)

John Buxton Hilton

Published July 19th 2012
Kindle Edition
192 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Lord Furnival, a left-of-centre dilettante, tries to stage a musical version of the Oberammergau Passion Play in the High Peak of Derbyshire, he does not foresee what strife and tension he is setting in motion. Petty thefts, a peeping Tom, artistic jealousies, a vendetta against Mary Magdalene – the record of crime culminates in the murder of the hyped rock singer who is brought out of disgraced retirement to play the Christ part.Kenworthy is called in as a private consultant to ‘protect the interests of the management’ and finds himself involved with a bewildering array of eccentrics: Jimmy Lindop, a sound technician with old scores to settle- Julian Harpur, a neurotic adolescent whose mother believes him a genius- Alfie Tandy, who has confessed to dozens of murders in his time, and who carries his worldly belongings about in an old banjo-case- Freddy Kershaw, a detective-constable who is suspended from duty for telling the truth- and Joan Culver, who is trying to straighten herself out about filial duty, sex and life.This is knotty a puzzle as Kenworthy and his reader have ever squared up to, as the case-work takes us out of Derbyshire into the squalid history of The Stalagmites, a failed rock group of London’s swinging years. On the way we take a Hiltonian look at more than one level of contemporary society.