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Devious Dark Dangerous Erotica K.B. Stevens

Devious Dark Dangerous Erotica

K.B. Stevens

Kindle Edition
98 pages
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 About the Book 

This HOT compilation of [Taboo Erotica] contains 4 dirty tales from the files of best selling erotica writer KB Stevens, conveniently packaged together to save you some money! These kinky stories of questionable sexual manipulation include: My Preacher Coerced Me Into Sex, Hypnotized & Used For Sex, Reluctant G*ng B*ng Girl, and Banging The Bride.Hypnotized & Used For Sex: Dillon plans to try out his hypnotism onhis virginal girlfriend, but hes interrupted by her snobby, conceited,cock-blocking roommate Hannah. When Dillon unexpectedly finds himself alone withHannah one night he decides a change of plans is in order, but what price willhe pay when everything is said and done?Reluctant G*ngbang Girl: When Vanessas fiancé Billy is accused of a heinous crime, how far will she go to secure his freedom? And did she love him enough to make a dealwith Dillon- her creepy stalker neighbor from across the street, who claims heholds the only chance for her fiancé to duck a lengthy prison term.Banging The Bride: How can Brittany save herNanas house from foreclosure? Her fiances daddy- Mr. Burke could probablyhelp. He did work at the bank, after all. And certainly being his futuredaughter-in-law should count for something. How far would she go to save Nanashouse?My Preacher Coerced Me Into Sex: Brittany finds herself in the unholy hands ofdirty old Pastor Schaaft who insist that she, atones for all of her depravedsins during a private confession in his rectory apartment.These tales are not for the faint of heart, or easily offended! For everyone else who enjoys fictional tales of [Taboo Erotica]...hold on to your hat! Over 26,000 words of steamy SEX! Features: (the kinks you imagine it would, and some you wouldnt!) creampies, spanking, waterbeds, squirting, and other kinks. Mature audiences only. Explicit Descriptions of Sexual Acts.