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Tributary (River of Time, #3.2) Lisa Tawn Bergren

Tributary (River of Time, #3.2)

Lisa Tawn Bergren

Published June 8th 2012
Kindle Edition
163 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I just love the overall feel of the series and the characters are awesome. I think I enjoy the trilogy a little better than the novellas, I think since the trilogy sticks with one POV, while the novellas switch between multiple characters. I like focusing on one main character/couple, instead of spreading an already short story between a six.Anyway, this story focuses on Lia and Lucas and Rodolfo and a new character Alessandra. It was fun having a new character added to the mix. I kind of wish Bourne had been about Lia and Luca and Tributary had been about Rodolfo and Alessandra. Then both storylines could have been developed more. Owell. As a novella, it was a fun read. There is a lot of action and we get to follow-up on Gabi and Marcello, which is nice.If you havent read this series yet, DO IT!Content: Clean romance. No language. Moderate violence.