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Flashback (Temptation, 838) Nancy Warren

Flashback (Temptation, 838)

Nancy Warren

Published February 15th 2014
Kindle Edition
224 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Thanks to her matchmaking grandma, Laura Kincaide has got the job of a lifetime…and the last man on earth she would have chosen as a partner. How can she work under the same roof with Jack Thomas when she still hasnt forgiven him for breaking her teenage heart? How much will they get done when his sexy smile still makes her want to jump his gorgeous bones…?Jack is more than willing to have his bones jumped by the girl whos grown into such a feisty woman. But theres the teeny problem of her attitude. How can he get her to come out and play when she wont even be in the same room with him? How can he convince her that being with him in the present will be far more satisfying than holding the past against him?